Are you looking for a tyre pressure monitor for your vehicle axle? Then this is the right category for you.

Protection from breakdowns

Punctures on country roads and motorways are part of normality for many professional drivers. In addition to the already annoying economic damage, every puncture often results in annoyed customers. With a tyre pressure monitoring system, you can protect your trailers from such breakdowns. Thanks to the system, long before a tyre bursts, you are informed that something is wrong and can react accordingly.

Tyre pressure checks reduce costs

Too little or too much air on a tyre can damage it. With the help of your control system in the vehicle axle, you always ensure that your tyres are optimally inflated, thus reducing fuel consumption and tyre wear.

Simple retrofitting

You already have a vehicle and would like to retrofit a tyre pressure monitoring system? With our products, this is very easy to do. Our customer service will be happy to help you with all aspects of retrofitting.

Perfect tyre pressure thanks to PSI tyre pressure system

Our systems are active systems that not only optimise tyre pressure, but also correct it while the vehicle is in motion on the road. An air pressure tank connected to the PSI fills air into those tyres that are underinflated via a hose system installed in the vehicle axle. The tubes are connected to the tyre valves. If necessary, excess air is released from the tyre via these. Thanks to this intelligent system, you always drive with optimum tyre pressure.

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