Are you looking for parabolic spring units that fit your vehicle axle? Then this is the right category for you.

Traditional aggregates

Long before air suspension units saw the light of day, customers who valued comfort were happy to use leaf suspension units. To this day, these products enjoy great popularity due to their high reliability and excellent technical function.

Suitable for all GFA axles

During production, we always pay special attention to the compatibility of our products in the vehicle axle. Therefore, when selecting a parabolic spring unit, you can concentrate entirely on the product advantages of the respective item.

Keeping an eye on production costs

As a trailer builder, you always have your production costs in mind and still don’t want to do without suspension for your trailers? Then our parabolic spring units are the perfect choice for your production.

Short distances = Fast service

As a German medium-sized company, we have been producing our products in the heart of Thuringia since our foundation. Even though a lot has changed since then, one thing has remained the same: We value short distances. When an unusual question is asked in customer service, our well-trained service staff can quickly organise all the information requested, as the relevant specialist is only a stone’s throw away.

Your trailer only has limited installation space?

Then our tandem parabolic spring units are the solution you are looking for. Due to their special design, the axles can be arranged particularly close to each other and thus also fit into particularly small installation spaces. Simply contact our customer service team to determine the right tandem parabolic spring unit for your needs.

We are happy to advise you

You are not sure which power unit fits your trailer and need advice? Then contact us now and experience our service in action.

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