Are you looking for axles with drum brakes for your vehicle? Then this is the right category for you.

How to quickly find the right axle

Our product range includes drum-braked axles for trailer vehicles weighing from 3.2 t to 7.5 t. Use our subcategories to find the product you are looking for more quickly.

Rim steady go.

All products in this category are complete axles to which you can quickly and easily mount your rims, wheels and brake cylinders. This saves you valuable time when installing the axles and allows you to concentrate on your really important tasks.

Brakes for demanding surfaces

With our drum-braked axles, the brakes in the vehicle axle are protected from dust, dirt and splash water by drums. It also develops its full braking effect on unpaved surfaces. This is why our drum-braked axles have been particularly popular in the construction and agricultural industries for many years.

The right axle for electrically powered vehicles

The axles from our company are characterised by a particularly weight-saving design. Thanks to their low weight, our axles are suitable for electrically driven towing vehicles, as the weight of a vehicle directly influences its range and payload. The lighter the vehicle, the higher the range, because the vehicle needs less energy to be set in motion.

Axle manufacturing in Germany

You cannot find the product you are looking for? Then you are welcome to take advantage of the opportunity to have your desired axis made in our company. Our staff will be happy to advise you.

Our trained specialist staff will be happy to answer any questions you may have about our axles for vehicles with drum brakes.

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