Are you looking for suitable axle stubs for your commercial vehicle? Then you are in the right place in the category axle stubs. Here you will find half axles consisting of the complete brake with associated steering knuckle, a short camshaft and a wheel hub.

For drum and disc braked vehicles

In our range we offer drum-braked stub axles suitable for vehicles from 3.2 t to 7.5 t and disc-braked stub axles for vehicles from 5.5 t to 7.5 t. Use our subcategories to quickly and conveniently find the product you are looking for.

Half axles for your agricultural vehicle

In agriculture, special vehicles have been used for years to facilitate necessary work such as harvesting vines. Due to their design, most agricultural vehicles cannot do anything with a conventional axle. For example, when harvesting vines, an axle tube in the vehicle axle at the height of the wheels would damage the valuable plants. As our stub axles are supplied without a tube, they are perfect for special vehicles in the agricultural sector that already have an axle connection specially adapted to your area of application.

Special vehicles in the construction sector

Whether tunnel or road construction, special vehicles are very popular in the construction sector in almost all areas. No matter how big or small your vehicle is, whether it has 2 or 8 axles, our stub axles ensure reliable movement.

Special production requested

We usually have all products in this category in stock due to high demand. If you cannot find the product you need or if a custom-made product is required, our staff will be happy to advise you.

You need advice? Or want to order by phone?

As we have been manufacturing our products in Germany for many decades, we can provide you with competent advice on all your questions about our stub axles and are also happy to take your orders by telephone. We look forward to hearing from you.

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