Are you looking for an axle for your commercial vehicle trailer? Then this is the right category for you. Here you will find axles for vehicles with disc brakes.

Axle with disc brakes everything included

Our axles with disc brakes are delivered completely assembled including all components such as spring support and disc brake. This saves you valuable time during installation and you only need to install the brake cylinder, rims and wheels. However, if desired, this is also included.

The perfect axle for the long haul

Vehicles in long-distance traffic usually cover long distances in a short time on the motorway and country roads, which means that wear parts such as brakes, wheels and co. in the vehicle axle have to be replaced regularly. Disc brakes are particularly easy to maintain because they can be replaced quickly and easily compared to other brakes. This way, you and your vehicle are quickly back on the road and can earn money.

More reach for e-mobility

For electronically driven towing vehicles, a low weight has a positive effect on the range and payload, as it requires less energy to be set in motion. Disc braked axles from our company offer you two advantages in terms of weight: 1. disc brakes are lighter than drum brakes. 2. the axle tube we use is lighter than normal axle tubes due to its special material.

Fast customer service before and after purchase

Our well-trained specialists manufacture our axles in Germany. If you have any questions about our products, our reliable specialist staff will be happy to help you and can quickly meet your requests thanks to the short distances at our location. This way, even in the event of a complaint, you quickly get the service you need.

Can’t find the disc-braked axle you’re looking for? Please feel free to contact us and we will check whether we can manufacture the product you need in-house.

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