For axles with 5.5t disc brakes, large transports from A to Z are a trifle

With great popularity, customers worldwide enjoy their 5.5t disc brake axles from axle manufacturer GFA. Long distances can be covered with the help of this brake and you will always reach your destination safely and reliably. The axis features

  • low wear and tear,
  • high longevity,
  • Robustness and
  • excellent braking

. The 5.5t axle with disc brakes from the Gothaer Fahrzeugachsen GmbH factory shows its advantages especially on long routes with high speeds.

Axles with 5.5 t disc brake directly from the axle manufacturer

The complete manufacturing process takes place at our plant in Gotha – from the raw sheet metal or cast part to mechanical component processing and automated welding production to final assembly and acceptance by our certified quality control. Enjoy an internationally successful product from the heart of Germany. Satisfied customers have been praising our

  • short delivery times,
  • customer-oriented prices and
  • Many customisation options

GFA the axle manufacturer for trailer axles

Commercial vehicle and rail vehicle axles have been produced at the Gotha vehicle axle plant since the 19th century. Experience speaks for itself. With over 3,000 satisfied customers, 2,000 packages shipped annually and almost 500 tonnes of processed steel per year, GFA is a successful mechanical engineering company as well as an automotive supplier that is always available and energetically on hand for its customers. With over 25 global authorised workshops, our 5.5 t disc brakes won’t let you down, even when things get tight!

We look forward to your questions

You can always reach us on our service hotline. We will gladly take care of your request, no matter in which area. Our spare parts service will advise you on all matters relating to axle enquiries, spare parts offers, delivery dates and returns of your 5.5 t disc brake. Our design and engineering department will be happy to process your special requests and additional wishes.

In the event of complaints or inspection requests (initial sample inspection, weld seam inspection, etc.), the quality team will work with you to develop a solution that will provide you and your customers with optimum results and enable the project to be completed successfully.

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