What is important when buying an axle for trailers?

The main parameter is tonnage. A commercial vehicle trailer is designed for a corresponding maximum payload. Depending on how much the vehicle body weighs, the number of axles results in a permissible axle load that must not be exceeded. You can order GFA axle for trailers with this parameter and the corresponding dimensions. These dimensions include

  • the track gauge,
  • the spring centre and
  • the base plate centre.

Starting from the centre plane of the axis, the dimensions are defined symmetrically. The track width refers to the distance between the wheel mounting surfaces of the wheel hubs, the spring centre refers to the distance between the links or springs of the wheel suspension with which the axle makes contact with the body and the base plate centre refers to the mounting points of the diaphragm brake cylinders from which the camshaft is actuated for brake application.

How do I find the right axle for my trailer?

First of all, you need to know the maximum axle and brake load for which the axle is required for your trailer. After that, the choice is based on the type of brake –

When choosing the dimensions, there are standard dimensions that can help if you are unsure. These can be read on the data sheets of each axle type, which are stored under the respective menu items under vehicle axles. If you would like a custom-made product, please enquire directly by e-mail or telephone. In this case, our team checks the dimensions from the design for strength and installation space.

Disc or drum brake, which suits my trailer?

Depending on the area of use and application, the choice falls on a respective brake type. Drum brakes are used, for example. especially for applications on

  • Construction sites,
  • Agricultural land,
  • for livestock and grazing

used. Likewise, these are increasingly used when the trailer is moved little or only low speeds are reached.

Disc brakes are ideal for use in long-distance transport, when long distances are covered at higher speeds.

Spare parts for axles for trailers

We offer individual brake pads with associated rivets and, if necessary, sheet metal parts for brake shoes. However, most customers are interested in complete brake shoes with the pads already riveted on. The end customer is ready for use again more quickly, as he has less effort and headaches with this variant. One axis includes

  • 2 brake drums,
  • 4 brake shoes,
  • 8 Brake pads and
  • depending on the axle type, between 48 (3.2t and 5t axle) and 64 (5.5t to 7.5t axle) rivets.

For disc brakes, there are brake pad sets that include spare parts for a complete axle. To make the ordering process easier for the customer, there are also complete assembly kits for the replacement or maintenance of the camshaft (brake shaft) or the wheel bearing incl. Wheel hub.

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