7.5 t disc brake our axle for heavy transports

7.5 t disc brake our axle for heavy transports With a brake disc diameter of 333 mm and a special material insert, these loads can be transferred without any problems. In addition to the good performance, this axle is subject to only low wear and tear and can shine through its longevity.

Customised axles with 7.5 t disc brake

Depending on the installation space capacity or choice of spring unit, we adapt the alignment of the brake calipers and cylinders for you. In consultation with you, the position of the shock absorbers on the air suspension unit may also be adjusted as a result.

7.5 t disc brakes are ideal for use in long-distance transport when covering long distances at higher speeds.

GFA Your axle manufacturer with trailer axle expertise

Gothaer Fahrzeugachsen GmbH was founded over 150 years ago and has well-founded expertise in the production of vehicle axles. We are the axle manufacturer that specialises in trailer axles for commercial vehicles. Especially for special applications or special axles, we can find or develop the right product for your needs. Just get in touch with us.

Ask your axle manufacturer in Germany

With the quality seal “Made in Germany”, we have been manufacturing axles for several generations. GFA is the axle manufacturer for trailers that always has the right product for your vehicle. It is precisely the flexibility and openness to new things that is the strength of our company. Added to this are short delivery times and excellent service.

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