You want hubcaps that are easy to remove and reinstall for maintenance and repairs. Then you will be thrilled with the new GFA hubcaps. These are screwed in and not hammered in as before. This allows them to be easily removed and reattached during maintenance or repairs.

At the request of many customers, we have revised the design of our hubcaps in recent months. The GFA blue on the previous hubcaps did not always blend harmoniously into the overall vehicle appearance. For this reason, the new GFA hubcaps are free of additional color. The GFA logo now shines in the plain metallic color of the hubcap.

In addition, from now on, we also do without the over-paint on our wheel nuts, which are needed for mounting the rim on which the hubcaps are mounted.

Since we do not use any paint for our hubcaps and wheel nuts, we are doing our bit for the environment and thus coming a little closer to our goal of contributing to the protection of nature.